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Sort order. Apr 25, Dr. Shaz rated it it was ok Shelves: shifters. View all 4 comments. Apr 08, Vanessa Rodriguez rated it liked it. Well I hate to do it but this book fell a little short for me. I found it a little boring with all the traveling that was done. I found myself saying "hurry up and get there already" I just wasn't that into this book. I also found myself kissed off that the author totally just skipped Rooks and Aderial first time together I was looking forward to that and now I feel I got gipped!! The book was still good just to me it got boring.

Apr 05, Shana Pare rated it it was amazing. Loving it! This series continues to hold a hard grip on my imagination and enjoyment.

Wolf Born by N. Gosney | Waterstones

The characters, both good and bad, keep developing and changing. The plot is outstanding and doesn't wander off the path. To my delightful, I have just learned that there is a fourth book coming to bring this remarkable series to an end. I look forward to it, but I am also sad as well. However isn't that the mark of an excellent author? May 08, Jana Gundy rated it it was amazing. Yes to everything about this book! Wow, what a story that was told! They traveled many a different land and did some crazy things. It was awesome and the end with Rukiya and Adriel was great, I was looking forward to that.

Apr 08, Mila Lopez rated it it was amazing. Freakin loved it!!!! I 1st of all want to say how i love this serious and how badass the author is!!! I love how rook is an awesome heroine and how unconditional her love is for the ppl she loves and cares for and how far she will go to protect her loved ones!!

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Awesome serious cant wait for the nxt one!!! May 01, Angela James rated it really liked it. Epic Adventure Oh! Things are intense in this book! An epic adventure with loads of danger and deadly creatures makes our merry band of unlikely allies dependent on each other for survival!

Lots of squabbles and humor to lighten things up. It was a great book, I'm really enjoying this series! Game Video. Music, art. Vehicle category. Industrial equipment. Akun 0 Categories. Fashion Categories. Sporting Goods Categories. Masuk dengan. Login dengan Email. Daftar Disini. Produk dalam keranjang. Hapus semua. New of seller by. Out of stock. Beli sekarang Cart. Semua produk yang tersedia untuk layanan agen belanja yang ditampilkan di Weshop adalah produk yang diambil dari situs web e-commerce pihak ketiga dan tidak dijual langsung oleh Weshop.

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Wolfborn: The Book of Hawthorne (Wolfborn #1)

Emma went to check on her uncle who got hurt in the woods. When she arrived, another man was there, Conor. She heard an inhumane scream and came face to face with some kind of supernatural creature. In the interim, she discovered she is Wolf Born and will turn into either a wolf or werewolf. The creature kills a family member and now she seeks vengeance. She gains certain powers and she must help protect all the others. This is a whole new world for her and she is doing everything she can to adjust.

This book does not contain romance and we are left to wonder what happens next?! I received this an ARC reader and am voluntarily leaving a review.


A rather loose Red Riding Hood. Emma has no idea of her heritage until her uncle is murdered. Then, she discovers she is Wolf Born and has a price on her head. The same entity that killed her uncle wants to kill her. I was captivated by this story and couldn't put it down.

Enter a cutie with big brown eyes who keeps popping up wherever Riley goes, and Riley just might be in trouble. Quentin Quentin Williams is the year-old son of paranormal enthusiasts who classify themselves as vampire hunters, were-wolf killers, and ghost chasers.

That is, if they live long enough. HEA with no cliff-hangers. Contains adult language, graphic descriptions of sex between males, brief instances of domestic abuse, and violence. How wrong I was. Daniel became the reader favorite, hands-down. Vasile is a successful and wealthy farmer, living a decent life with friends he enjoys.

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  • Frogs and Toads: In and Out of the Water (15-Minute Books Book 345);
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However, after peaceful decades together, Vasile and his brood mates suddenly find themselves dealing with rogue wolf shifters that threaten not just their livelihoods, but their safety. This work of fiction contains material that may be offensive to some readers, including graphic descriptions of oral and anal intercourse between males. Once I figured out who these guys were, their story came much easier to the page.

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Now my biggest worry is that Daniel will be a tough act to follow. He is struggling to decide what to do with his life when fate drops a True Mate right in his lap. Marcello is a long-time member of a shifters-only motorcycle club.