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Get some cool tools for use in your classroom. There are timers here and gadgets that are useful to both ESL teachers and students. Printable games. Powerpoint games. Games to practice English pronunciation, phonetics and phonics. Games and exercises to practice reading, spelling and lexis. Read the full story Classroom Tools - Click Here! Donate to the trail artwork by purchasing a limited-edition collectible created exclusively for Johnny Cash Trail fundraising.

You can be part of the legacy by making a donation to help fund the 8 larger than life sculptures that will be erected along the trail. Witnessing and taking part in all that came together for the Johnny Cash Trail in was exciting, to say the least. With those memories to keep tucked away forever, now is the time to look forward and continue planning for another year of advancement. With many art installations in the works to honor the Man in Black and his historic performance in Folsom Prison 50 years ago, we still have a lot of work ahead of us. Born to a poor Arkansas farming community in depression era America, Johnny Cash was raised with a strong sense of empathy for the downtrodden.

While he lived a life of ups and downs, filled with contradictions and complications, one thing held true throughout his entire life: his sense of responsibility and charity to his fellow man. In the words of his biographer , Michael Streissguth, "I think Cash had a feeling that somehow he had been endowed with this fame in order to do something with it.

Using his fame and the resources that came with it as a tool to help make the world a better place, he would help others and advance causes he believed in. Over a period of thirty years, the Man in Black played dozens of free shows at U. Cash spent a total of seven overnights in jail during his lifetime, for drunkenness and disorderly conduct, but never served time in a state prison cell. An imperfect man who was no stranger to making mistakes, he identified with inmates and saw in them a chance for rehabilitation and redemption.

His years of performing for prisoners inspired in him a need to speak out on their behalf, to give voice to their pains and needs.

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He became an impassioned spokesperson for prison reform, going so far as to make direct appeals to the U. Senate subcommittee in , which included a call for:. In some ways, his propensity to identify with prisoners started much earlier in his life. Penning the song from the perspective of an inmate who was sentenced to life, he placed himself squarely in the shoes of the criminal that society had forgotten and was able to see the world from that vantage point for the remainder of his days. Cash had a soft spot for children in need; one that took root when he was in the Air Force and blossomed as he matured over the years.

As a very young air force soldier, John R. Cash was stationed in West Germany where he rose to the rank of Staff Sergeant and served as a Morse Code operator , intercepting Soviet Army transmissions. In his spare time, he would write short stories, love letters to his then-wife Vivian Cash, and play music around town with his band the Landsberg Barbarians. It was also during this stint in West Germany that Cash witnessed the building of the first SOS Children's Village in Germany, just south of Munich, introducing Cash to their concept of caring for children who could no longer live with their families.

This struck a chord in Johnny that still rang years later when he found fame and fortune. When discussing his decision to make this contribution, Cash said , "It will mean that more abandoned children can have hope, find love and have a future. As often as possible, Johnny and June would visit the village, Cash usually bringing his guitar and singing with the children.

Even in death his fame helped fund this cause that was so dear to his heart. The organization was bolstered by a wave of donations made in the name of the Man in Black and the Cash family maintains continued involvement with the charity the so impassioned their father. Children always need idols, and Johnny Cash is one of them. A man of many hats and many talents, being a philanthropist with his time and resources was a huge part of who Johnny Cash was and is part of the legacy that his family continues today.

A flawed man who grew up knowing what it is to struggle, he used his fame and the wealth that came with it to help those in need, child and man, alike. How well do you know the Man in Black? Take this quiz and find out if you're the ultimate Johnny Cash fan. Want to know more? Read about three performers of notoriety that served time in Folsom Prison — one who was a celebrity prior to his arrest, one who - against all odds - found fame during his incarceration at Folsom Prison, and one who became famous following his reform from a life of crime. His music is, unfortunately, not what he is always remembered for.

Otherwise I probably would have been dead by now. Following his release James picked back up on his musical career, but had a stroke in that made a comeback impossible. Ultimately, James died at the age of 56 from heart failure. Did you know? Think you know everything there is to know about the Man in Black?

How many of these questions can you answer? While serving time for armed robbery, Sherley had the unique distinction of becoming famous while serving time in Folsom Prison. In the words of Johnny Cash :. Everybody just had a fit, screaming and carrying on. Soon after Sherley was transferred to San Quentin prison where he was the first inmate to ever record an album while incarcerated. Cash helped arrange for session musicians who came all the way from Nashville to record with Glen. Once released from prison, Sherley found success and fame under the wing of Johnny Cash but his criminal tendencies and violent disposition got the better of him, forcing Cash to fire Sherley from his tour.

Sadly, Sherley fell into drug and alcohol abuse and ultimately took his own life in Glen Sherley had no idea that Cash was going to play his song that day. It was a complete surprise to him. Danny Trejo found fame after retiring from a long career as a criminal. Born in Echo Park, California, Trejo was only 8 years the first time he smoked marijuana and only 12 the first time he shot heroin. His uncle, older than him by 6 years, was his mentor in crime , teaching him how to rob and fueling his addictions.

While Trejo talks openly about having robbed banks, all of his arrests were drug related — and there were a lot of them. He was in and out of the system for years, serving time in many California prisons, including Folsom.

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During a three month stint of solitary confinement in for taking part in a riot at Soledad Prison in which guards were hurt, Trejo made a deal with God to live a clean and grateful life if he was able to come away from the incident without being sentenced to the gas chamber. One year later he was released and has held to his part of the bargain these many years. He has since been clean and sober, crime free, and a drug abuse counselor. The 73 year old actor says , "Everybody asks me, 'How do you stay so young? That's when my life started.

Trejo got his first acting role because of his physical skills, rather than his acting skills. A screenwriter — also an ex-con — had seen Trejo box before and hired him to coach one of the actors for a boxing scene. He was ultimately given a small part in the movie which acted as a jumping off point for what has become a very successful career. While these three celebrities lived very different lives and were convicted for different crimes, they had one thing in common: a stay in Folsom Prison. Over the years, there have been many recognizable names on the list of Folsom Prison inmates.

Some were famous men who paid their debt to society at Folsom Prison while some were simply notorious for the crimes that landed them there. How many of these names do your recognize? While some of these are very notorious names, the biggest name to enter Folsom Prison belonged to a man who chose to spend time there: Johnny Cash. From notorious inmates to legendary musicians, Folsom Prison may just have one of the most interesting histories around. Man of God. Father, husband, son. How well do you know the story of Johnny Cash? Here are 25 of the most-asked Cash questions to appease your appetite for knowledge about the iconic performer.

In , Cash was born in Kingsland, Arkansas. When he was three years old his family moved to a five-room farmhouse on acres of land in the town of Dyess, Arkansas. The Cash family was accepted into a federally-assisted planned community created during the Great Depression as part of President Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal. Tommy is best known for his No. Cash had a love for singing since childhood; his family, especially his mother, turned to songs for comfort and inspiration. By the time he was 12 years old Johnny Cash was writing poems, stories, and songs.

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Young J. While cutting fence posts out of oak logs on a table saw with no guard on it, Jack suffered a stomach injury that would prove fatal. The teenager was rushed to the hospital, where he died a week later on May 20, Johnny Cash was profoundly affected by the loss of his brother, spending more time alone and becoming more introspective. At birth, and throughout his youth, his legal name was J.

When he joined the air force, Cash could not register for the armed forces without a first name and so he became John R. When he began singing with Sun Records in , he changed his name once more to Johnny Cash, and so it remained. When he was in the U. Cash had amazing skills at cracking Soviet code.

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  4. Valerie June Carter was born into the first family of country music, the Carter family, and had been singing, performing, and entertaining for almost her entire life. They introduced themselves, Cash saying, "I've always wanted to meet you," and Carter replying, "I feel like I know you already. I still do, and wearing it still means something to me.

    Yes, he did! Between and Johnny Cash appeared as an actor in many TV series and TV movies , although never making it to the big screen. Johnny Cash was arrested seven times for misdemeanors, never being sentenced or spending more than one night in jail.

    His most well-known arrest took place when he was apprehended at the El Paso airport , in , for smuggling amphetamines from Mexico. On February 22, , Johnny Cash surprised June with a marriage proposal while they were performing together on stage in London, Ontario, Canada. They were wed a week later on March 1, , at a Methodist church in Franklin, Kentucky. No, they did not. In his last interview on August 20, , Cash talked about being married to June for over 30 years and together for over 40 years.

    The secret to a happy marriage? Not always. This tradition began at his infamous Folsom Prison concert. On tour, Cash wrote the song as a proclamation of fidelity. It was his vow to her that he would remain faithful. Rolling Stone ranked the song No. Between and , Cash was awarded 13 Grammy wins out of 35 total Grammy nominations. June thought the song up while driving around one night, frustrated by her love for Cash who brought so much turmoil into her life.

    She did not originally write the song for Johnny to sing, though. She gave it to her sister Anita Carter to record, but Cash loved the song so much he wanted to record it as well. The rest is history. Yes - He was on the Muppet Show! It is one of the only recorded instances of him singing that duet with anyone other than June Carter. They did it much better than I would have done. Johnny Cash died on September 12, , at the age of 71 of complications from diabetes resulting in respiratory failure. Cash passed a mere four months after the death of his wife, June Carter Cash.

    In his early years, Cash was known for his bad-boy antics on and off-stage. He rebelled against the establishment, and lived his life standing up for the underdog and protesting those things he found to be unjust.

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    Cash was also a patriot who served in the military and loved his country and his ragged old flag. He was both patriot and rebel, an admitted sinner and a man of God. Johnny Cash was an imperfect man who was beloved by many, both in spite his flaws but also because of them. His fans could relate to his humanity and found comfort in his music. Now you know a little more about him, the life he lived, the kind of man he was, and why he always wore black. The Trail Shop.

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    Support the Trail. The Trail. Read More. Fundraising for the Johnny Cash Trail. Why is the City Fundraising? Benefits to Residents Public art installations are shown to have vast health benefits, both mental and physical. Benefits to Community Public art installations in community spaces can have a very positive impact on the community itself.

    Boost in Tourism Public art is being proven to be a powerful draw for tourism , especially when it celebrates local historical figures or events.

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    Connecting to Nature Looking to elevate your mood and reduce anxiety? Get Your Blood Pumping We all know that exercise is important. Giving Your Family Trail Time Gathering your brood for a day on the trail can have all sorts of positive impacts. Be a Part of the Legacy The City of Folsom is honoring the lasting legacy of Johnny Cash in Folsom with the Johnny Cash Trail project, and is currently fundraising to bring the art installation to the trail.