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Nuclear weapons and democratic politics

Lynn E. Political Illiberalism. Peter L. Bomb Scare. Joseph Cirincione. The Paleoconservatives. Joseph A. Star Peace. Millions of people reside at the receiving end of the injury; only a handful of people reside at the end where the injury is authorized: the voices of millions — both foreign and domestic — are excluded from this zone.

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Imagine if this structure were reversed: imagine a system of defense whose target of injury was the smallest number of people possible and where information gathering and authorization were distributed to the largest number of people. Does that sentence have an odd ring? Let us hope not, for what it describes is democracy. In that essay, Scarry systematically dismantled the idea that a state of emergency justifies the suspension of due democratic process. That due process is sacred to Scarry, who draws no meaningful distinction between theory and practice.

First, it flies in the face of the constitutional article requiring the President to obtain the approval of Congress before launching war. That this article has been honored in the breach for the last rough half-dozen U. And her second legal objection is not only unexpected but canny: she argues that the existence of a hugely destructive arsenal in the hands of a tiny group of Americans is a fundamental violation of the Second Amendment right to bear arms. The Second Amendment is a very great amendment, and coming to know it only through criminals, personal protection against criminals, and the disputed claims of gun clubs seems the equivalent of our coming to know the First Amendment only through pornography … The history of its formulation and invocation makes clear that whatever its relation to the realm of individuals and the private uses they have devised for guns, the amendment came into being primarily as a way of dispersing military power across the entire population.

Like voting, like reapportionment, like taxation, what is at stake in the right to bear arms is a just distribution of political power. She asserts that future generations, looking back at this period of the immediately post-nuclear United States, will marvel that it took the nation so long to re-assert its own basic principles against a swollen executive overreach determined to infantilize the populace and keep it in ignorance. That populace has always had at its hand the constitutional means to retrieve its sovereignty, Scarry writes:. Together, these two provisions place a large brake on the attempt to go to war; they stipulate that the United States cannot begin to injure a foreign population unless reasons can be given that are so persuasive that they survive scrutiny and testing by both the national assembly and the population at large.

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