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All items reviewed will be purchased by the reviewer in advance, at full retail price, in order to prevent any conflict of interest. Information about upcoming releases is greatly appreciated, but receipt of advance copies or samples will be announced well in advance and will not influence the final review. The world has enough Jeff Craigs and Maria Salases as it is. When I first became hooked on carnivorous plants a decade ago, I did what most people did at the time: instead of hopping online and running a quick Google search on the subject, I sashayed first to the public library and then to available bookstores for more information.

Finally, one day in spring , while killing time before a job interview, I entered a Borders in North Dallas. On the spine was a stunning Sarracenia pitcher plant, and the photos on the inside were even more fascinating.

Cultivating Carnivorous Plants

No arguments, no debate: that book came home with me, and it changed my life. I exaggerate not a whit by noting that, particularly for beginners, The Savage Garden was one of the most valuable books on carnivorous plants written in the last two decades. Not only was it an excellent reference book for those seeking to view carnivores in the wild, particularly in the United States and the UK, but Mr.

In addition to being informative, the book was humorous, insightful, and thorough. The only thing that slowed it down a bit, honestly, was that it was a product of its time. If that first edition of The Savage Garden had a problem, it was its publication at the beginnings of the Internet era.

When it came out in , it was one of the most authoritative books on the subject, but nobody expected the nova of new research over the last fifteen years. Between new explorations and DNA analysis, the number of carnivorous plant species known to science jumped to over species double that if you want to count the triggerplants, Stylidium spp , in that list , and the number of hybrids and cultivars jumped in that time as well.

All in all, The Savage Garden desperately needed a revamp.

It needed metric conversions for non-American readers. It needed further listings on newly described species now available in cultivation. It needed further options for husbandry, such as the new procedures for keeping Portuguese dewy pines Drosophyllum lusitanicum happy and hearty.

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The Positive: A great read for beginners. Far from all-inclusive but certainly all a person needs if they are just starting out or are fairly new to the hobby. With access to forums and Facebook groups, people don't necessarily have to rely on printed books for information on how to grow CPs anymore. I've been growing CPs for over 20 years and I've found many things through trial and error and by asking other growers. Carnivorous plants are a lot easier to grow than people think, and the ideas and inspiration you can get from other growers around this community go far beyond what any book can provide.

Having said that if there was one book I'd recommend to people if they absolutely had to have a book or just really wanted one, it would be this one. It covers all the bases quite well.

The Savage Garden, Revised by Peter D'Amato -

May 20, - Published on Amazon. As a newbie to growing carniverous plants, I turned to the internet for information on how to care for them. I would glean a little information here or there but wasn't able to find just one spot to answer all of my questions. I saw a common thread on the different sites I perused though This book is a one-stop-shop for everything you possibly need to know about carniverous plants. Not just basic information about the plants, but for each type you will learn about soil recipe, container, watering method, transplanting, light, climate, and much more.

I refer to this book when a new type of plant catches my eye, so I can do my homework before deciding if it's a type of plant I can keep. The book also contains beautiful, glossy photographs and illustrations. Bottom line - it you are into carniverous plants, this book is an absolute must!! September 8, - Published on Amazon.

Savage Garden

Hubby wants carnivorous plants in the worse way, but the 4 or5 we bought died a horrific death. So this book was suggested and when I read the first couple of pages, I understood why our plants bit the dust. This book will prove to be invaluable when I purchase the plants for hubby, and we will become carnivorous plant experts. I thank the lady who suggested this great book August 13, - Published on Amazon. The essential guide to cultivating carnivorous plants indeed!

Detailed info on even the most obscure species, however futile that info might actually be in practice since they're impossible to get a hold of , though also overflowing with optimal culturing info on common and semi-rare species also. A joy to own, and will set you right on track to cultivating thriving and beamingly luscious carnivorous plants!

ISBN 13: 9781607744108

Surprisingly enough, this book rivals Darwin's compiled works on carnivorous plants in its diverse and questioning analysis on carnivorous plant preying methods, and even definitions. Nice list of cultivars and hybrids, although more can be found on the author's web page California Carnivores from time to time as they enter the hobby.

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  • Great color photos accompany the already well-rounded book.