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Every Christian parent longs to see their children walk in the truth 3 John 4. Could you use a few parenting tips? Kirk and Chelsea Cameron have you covered with a new six-week course. The good news is that there is hope for the parent of a prodigal whose heart is hurting, but still waiting for their son or daughter to return.

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If this is your story, then here are three reminders as you prayerfully wait for your own prodigal, to come back home. We brought them into the world and we worked hard to bring them up in the world. We gave them their first bath. Watched them take their first steps.

Helped with homework. Disciplined them. Laughed with them, cried with them, and of course, had our fair share of disagreements with them. More than anything — we loved them. But as much as we love our child, we have a Father who loves our son or daughter even more. The good news is that because God loves them he has not left them.

The Power of Hope for Prodigals: Prepare the Way Home

He is still pursuing them. In Jesus, God came to us.

Becky's Message of Hope for Parents of Prodigals

He is a lover who makes the first move. He is not willing that any should perish 2 Peter He wants all to come back to him — including your son or daughter. He is patient, good, and graciously inviting your child to return. Even though they may be beyond your control or influence, God is pursuing them. In different ways, through different people, in many different circumstances, God has not given up.

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They are not outside of his love. Neither are you. Not only does God love your child and is he faithfully pursuing your child, but he loves you. Many parents of a prodigal wrestle with guilt. Decisions that were made, or not made, can leave a mom or dad wishing they could try again. The truth is, we all fail. None of us will be the perfect parent. The same grace that saved you is the same grace that has the power to save your child.

But as any parent of a prodigal would tell you, any time is too long. Their spiritual leaving has begun a season of winter in your heart, much like the winter that follows the departure of those San Juan Capistrano swallows. But don't give up on the spring of their return. Maybe it seems hopeless right now, but don't underestimate the power of the Savior to bring stray children home.

Believe Jesus for the day when He will in a sense give you back the child you have prayed for so long. In the meantime, let the father and the prodigal son be your example. You know he didn't chase after that boy nagging him about why he shouldn't go.

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So many of us as parents make the mistake of expressing our deep concern by nagging and pushing our kids to be right with God, to stop making those unrighteous choices. But when you push on someone they end up farther away from you. They need space to have the dignity to let this be a personal choice not a surrender to your viewpoint; and like the father of the prodigal, always let your son or daughter know you love them unconditionally.

And when sin lets them down, and it will, they will return to the place where they know they have been loved through it all. We accomplish more by talking to God about our kids than talking to our kids about God. Don't give up. Claim the promise of Galatians , "Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.

And remember, Jesus is a shepherd; he persistently and skillfully goes after that lost sheep you love and who He loves even more. In fact, at this very moment the Good Shepherd is pursuing your wandering loved one.

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You may not know the way to soften their heart, but He does. Trust that same God who brings those swallows back faithfully every year to one day bring back the one you love; to bring him back to Him, to you, and it will be spring again. Ron Hutchcraft Ministries E-News.

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