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From the haunting image of a man in search of his missing girlfriend to the beautiful depth of colour. This is one of my favourite book covers to date. Poetry is a unique voice that can deliver words to people in ways a normal conversation cannot. The words often resonate with the reader and make them think.

The words can be like sutures healing from the inside out. Someone finally gets you and you are not alone. The words make sense and you realise that maybe you are not going crazy after all. Abyss takes the reader on a journey — a journey we are all forced to take at some point during our lifetime. When we are suffering inwardly, we often conceal our suffering from those closest to us. We put on a brave face and smile when all we want to do is cry and scream aloud. Winning the fight is not easy. The fight can feel like an endless battle and consume you from the inside out. The dark shadows buried deep in the far corners of our mind — feed on our pain: Depression, anxiety, grief, rejection, failure, loneliness and many more.

Through the art of poetry, I have touched on these raw emotions using some of my own dark experiences. I have delved deep into the darkness that I have journeyed during my lifetime to convey the emotional struggles that I know plague many. Emotional struggles are not a human defect — they are naturally human. I was lucky enough to secure the time of Chris at Kudidesign. I was looking for a cover designer that could understand my vision for the cover of this dark poetry book. It had to convey the struggles of the mind and the darkness that can often consume us during our lowest times. This cover was it.

The shadow of a man in the centre of the eye was perfect. It is a dark yet poignant cover. Perfect — I fell in love with this cover on sight of it. The Poppy Fields Trilogy. The Poppy Fields trilogy was released in April I was so lucky to secure the time once again of David C. Cassidy an incredible cover designer with artistic talents far beyond those of most in his field in my humble opinion.

I wanted my covers for this series to be very similar with just one or two subtle differences, such as the taglines on Book 2 and Book 3 as you will see below. David C. Cassidy has perfectly captured the essence of my story which is conveyed beautifully in these covers as I am sure you will agree…. Tears of Endurance 1. My idea for this book was of an image that would draw you right into the cover. I gave her a few rough ideas and explained to her the emotion I wanted the cover to convey and she seemed to conjure up his third all-seeing eye and came up with this incredible cover, which I am sure you will agree is truly beautiful….

Whispers from Heaven 2. Again I employed the wonderful talent of Rena at Cover quill to produce this lovely cover to complement book 1 in this series. Broken wings: Is a beautiful, heart-wrenching, military romance. This is a stand-alone novel that will make you cry and make you smile. I love this cover. The image shows a tender moment between a man and a woman that represents a scene in my story. Joshua has to leave for Afghanistan for six months.

Angelina is devastated. This image is Joshua assuring Angelina that he will return to her. The beautiful cover was designed by, Milas at probookcovers. Published in , I employed the services of Ares Jun for this cover. Clint asks: Training and top 5 exercises for an explosive mile Hey Lucho and Tawnee! I have been listening to Endurance Planet from the beginning and I am still stoked and educated by every podcast. Awesome work. I am a 40 year old ultra-endurance-running-junkie living on a small island in the Caribbean.

I always spend a part of my year, about three months, focused on speed, and then move into training for ultras for the rest of the year. I often follow a Jack Daniels Plan for speed and then one of his marathon plans for ultras. I have done loads of MAF effort training. I like to run between miles a week. Peaking around mile weeks. I do lots of strength work-4 days a week because I love it.

All my strength work is body weight or done with a weighted back pack. No machines and no dumbbells. Except for leg extensions. I do a push day, pull day, legs twice a week and a core day. I also add in some skill practice-handstands, dragon flags, l-sits and human flags. So, since turning 40 I have set the goal to run faster and stronger in my forties and try for personal records in all distances.

Need to go under hours. Next, I want to train to PR at the 1- mile distance. The goal is below 5 minutes. What would be your top five leg exercises to get faster, stronger for a mile? Thanks for years of motivation and education. Periodization in 4 blocks, 6 weeks each but Lucho thinks stretching it out to weeks is better for the first 2 blocks. Lucho thinks a week program would be better. Genetics do play a part here: do you have the durability to train to run a fast mile?

Be aware of psychological and physiological nuance during your training and adjust accordingly. Any time you have a race distance with a specific time goal, you have to shift your thinking toward specific percentages of effort level and speed. I completed an Ironman 10 years ago, and have stuck to Spring and Olympic distance since then. I worked very hard for it, and after chasing it for so long, I find myself at a bit of a loss.

Knowing I was probably going to accomplish my long term goal this year, I decided to do something for myself, which may sound strange, but I finally scheduled and got an abdominoplasty. This basically tightened the ab muscles which had separated due to pregnancy, and got rid of the excess skin than no amount of ab work could fix.

The down side is a very long recovery before I can get back to my normal Type A self. This has been harder than I expected as my stomach is still extremely tight, and I try not to use my abs for much of anything. I truly believe in taking my slow runs slow, and then doing speed, tempo, etc, on other days. Most of the people I run with are always running faster than me, but then I beat them when we race. The other thing is I have no goals for the future which feels very odd. Just looking for ideas here! What the Coaches Say: Lucho can relate because when he wanted to make a change he was searching for something that was totally out of his wheelhouse and would benefit him while aging: track hit the target for him.

What drives you? Tawnee encourages you to shift away from the number focus. Have you thought about adventure racing or orienteering? Other water sports to consider: Paddle boarding SCUBA diving The next thing will come to you if you open yourself up to the possibilities. Ally asks: Achilles Bursitis and Ironman I was recently diagnosed with Achilles bursitis and given some PT exercises and prescribed rest. The injury occurred after I raced Chattanooga Ironman My shoe got wet and I think it rubbed the bursa to an inflamed status.

I am registered for my first full this year at Ironman Florida.

Ghost Rider

The race is on Nov. My PT said I should be fine but I feel impending doom! I can swim and bike without pain but running does irritate the bursa. Should I look to transfer my race to a What the Coaches Say: Why is this happening? Beware of signs in the future: Weak feet, overuse, inflammation, stress, overtraining. You also need to analyze your expectations. Do you want to qualify for Kona or just compete? The answer will direct your race decision. Tendons require some stimulation in order to heal, but this takes the form of mild isometric holds not Ironman training. Eat well, anti-inflammatory foods Manage overall stress.

Announcements We have even more new EP gear including baby onesies and kids t-shirts over at enduranceplanet. To get in email us at events enduranceplanet. We ask that any race reports be limited to words. An additional aim of the study was to see whether a short training program could be effective in learning to run with a higher step frequency. Variables that affect RE: hip joint angle, knee angle, step length, and step frequency. Tartaruga et al. It seems that an optimal i. Numerous studies have noted that spatiotemporal gait parameters affect RE.

Experimental and control groups ran on a treadmill for 15 minutes for 10 consecutive days. The experimental group received step frequency training while the control group received no step training and ran at their preferred step rate. Before and after the day training program, RE was measured at 2 velocities 3.

The foot switch equipped data acquisition system provided real-time step frequencies, and the subjects were cued if they needed to increase or decrease step frequency. Results: Increased their step frequency by 8. Significant changes in step length were observed at both running velocities as step frequency increased. Post-training oxygen consumption was 8. HR was 4.

Optimizing RE involves a complex combination of biomechanical, physiological, and neuromuscular components 2 , and in this study, we sought to alter only one variable and, thus, simplify what a runner needed to concentrate on. After training and after running at a higher step frequency, a lower energy demand was most likely developed, whether it be through alterations in movement pattern that minimized wasted energy or through improved elastic energy storage and recoil. As a result of the lower energy requirements, the heart would not have to pump as fast to meet the oxygen demands of the working muscle.

This method proved to be more effective than the POSE running technique at making runners more effective. POSE is considered the holy grail of running, but it involves a lot of variables. Changing too much too quickly leads to injury. Sand Running Conner Sanders I am a 28 year old male and have been a triathlete for 5 years. I grew up a swimmer, then packed on weight good and bad to play football in college. I specialize at the swim and bike as a result of my years of swimming and weight training, but my run is definitely my weak link.

I happen to live next to a beautiful and long beach and plenty of cross country trails. Do you think that it would be worth the time to do a run every other week on the sand or trails to try and stimulate my brain to muscle connection more? Or would I be better off using that time for a quality session at the track? Typically I do a long run on the weekend, 1 recovery run, 1 track workout and 1 aerobic run per week. Maybe I swap my recovery run with an easy beach or trail run? Swimmers tend to have muscular-skeletal issues.

Sand would definitely exacerbate any problems there. Sand running will not help you become a more economical runner, because it has a huge ground contact time. It would be better for you to follow the protocol discussed previously to increase your cadence. Sand could cause achilles heel overstretching, which is no good. Hill intervals could be helpful to build leg strength.

The best thing you could do would be a quality workout on the track.


Lucho would start you with 40s and 50s or strides seconds. Take a 20m buildup then sprint for m on a soft running surface. This works on a pure nervous system level. Do 1 or 2 reps on your first time. You want minimal effective dose. This is violent exercise! Tawnee warns about running in the hard sand at the shoreline where there could be a slope. This would cause muscular imbalances over time.

If you have no injury history, Lucho and Tawnee recommend tempo intervals during your aerobic run at a little faster than 5K pace for x 30 seconds. Alternatively you can end an aerobic run with a fast finish. A hour bike is ok. I am curious if you guys have any suggestions for ways to run together where we can both get a good workout in. I bit more important info. My partner has a tough time running alone due to anxiety and although I regularly encourage her to train with others, she has not found any friends that she is comfortable running with since we have lived together.

The coaches say: Lucho thinks you should be a good partner and run with your girlfriend, but supplement that with extra running before or after. Alternately, you could go to the track together and run at different paces but still be within. Consider getting a dog as a running buddy for protection. Any thoughts? I do 3 miles technical trail on Tues, either 6 m sprint intervals or 6 m hill repeats on Wed, miles on Friday and 8to miles on Sunday. I mow 3 lawns a day Mon- Fri. I do 30 min mobility on Mon, Thurs and Sat.

Why were they recommending it? If you need to breathe, then breathe. Especially on hill repeats and any kind of hypoxic training. You might consider playing around with this technique on easy 3 mile aerobic runs. If it does, great. How you breathe outside of running will impact how you breathe during the run.

Belly breathing is very helpful to calm your system down. Rank 1: Mitochondria: More Than a Powerhouse. This is why mitochondrial dysfunction tends to have many different signs and symptoms, causing practitioners to chase the wrong things. In fact, the average person with a disorder of the mitochondria will see at least 8 doctors before being properly diagnosed. Bryan Walsh, ND is with me today to take an in-depth look at how the mitochondria operate and their roles in the body.

Bryan describes mitochondrial dysfunction - what causes it, how to assess for it, and what can happen when it goes untreated. Jacobs Jr. Study: Popkov, V. From our Highlights email series. Cartoon: The car analogy of metabolic inhibitors. His main area of interest is metabolic therapies focusing on oxygen toxicity seizures , epilepsy, neurodegenerative diseases, brain cancer and metastatic cancer. Recently his research has been focused on understanding the anticonvulsant and neuroprotective mechanism of a ketogenic diet and ketone esters.

In this conversation they dig into the details of what ketones are, how and when the body produces them, how they are an excellent source of energy for athletes, and much more. What is a ketogenic diet? Russell Wilder first developed ketogenic diets at the Mayo Clinic in Despite being highly effective in treating epilepsy, they fell out of fashion due to the surge in new anti-seizure medications in the s.

Ketogenic diets are high in fat, moderate in protein, and very low in carbohydrate. This special macronutrient partitioning changes the way your body uses energy. Ketones are a form of stored energy produced by the liver from fatty acids. How a ketogenic diet can help elite athletes perform better. His interest in athletics and sports has perfectly combined with his role as a researcher to provide valuable insights into the important role ketone bodies play in high-performance athletics. Dominic hopes to bring his research into the athletic realm for use as a tool for elite athletes to use to shape their diet in a way that maximizes performance through the production of ketones.

Dealing with insulin related blood issues with a ketogenic diet.

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For athletes and nonathletes alike, blood sugar issues can be a significant problem. Spikes or dips in blood glucose levels create all kinds of symptoms, from shakiness and weakness to headaches, dizziness, and complete lack of energy. Dominic has discovered that a ketogenic diet improves insulin sensitivity, thereby improving the regulation of blood sugar. If you struggle with blood sugar issues, it will be worth your time to listen to this episode. Ketogenic diets and weight loss. Regulate appetite and the weight stays off naturally.

Do we really know? Eric Goodman. Are you winning the war against gravity?

  1. The Princess and the Frog Songbook: Easy Piano.
  2. The Mark Hayes Vocal Solo Collection: 10 Spirituals for Solo Voice (Medium Low Voice): For Concerts, Contests, Recitals, and Worship.
  3. Geographical Discovery & Exploration Books | Booktopia.
  4. Tears of Endurance (Romantic Drama) Book #1.
  5. Eric Goodman of Foundation Training shares deep thoughts and tips about biomechanics, complacent adaptations, and how to decompress and activate the right muscles, joints and tissues in life and in sport. Not good. Get your posterior chain back. Discussing HRV and biomechanics with Dr. Is your SCM functioning well?

    There are better and worse ways of achieving the same body positions. The roles of muscles, joints, and connective tissue in biomechanics - Why start with isometrics before dynamic movement for biomechanical and postural reconstruction - Believe in the resilience of the human body.

    You can still improve your structural health. Ed Harrold is an author, inspirational leader, public speaker, coach and educator. Today, Ed blends the fields of neuroscience and the wisdom of contemplative traditions into effective strategies to improve health and well-being.

    Ed is aprovider of continuing education training in both the healthcare and fitnessindustries. Learn more about Ed at www. Learn about Heart Rate Variability at elitehrv. Can we reap these benefits unconsciously? Rank 1: Dr. Kelly Starrett: Mobility King. In person, he is the funniest and most dynamic presenter you will ever see.

    Once your mobility improves, you then have a fighting chance at exhibiting correct functional movement during exercise and daily life e. I relate on the podcast intro the single sentence he uttered to me on a phone call that helped me cure my long-starting and treatment resistance case of tennis elbow tennis elbow caused by excessive golf! Tune into one of the shows and get a megadose of awesome. We get so wrapped up in the details and sophistication of modern health practices that we forget how tech addiction and unconscious lazy habits can trash the best laid plans and the most motivated Type A peak performers.

    Get to know Mark, his background, and his entrepreneurial spirit like never before! Mark Sisson has been a great friend and mentor of mine for 30 years. Since you can grab a lotta content on healthy eating and primal living from Mark with a push of button, we aspired to do something special with this conversation. Enjoy this lengthy and intimate conversation where Mark covers seldom heard life journey material starting from childhood and continuing to his present day role as a prominent health expert and entrepreneur. We rolled for a couple hours, and the end product is now destined to be archived for eternity in the Library of Congress as The Ultimate Mark Sisson Interview.

    Even I was surprised to hear some of the details about his early years!

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    He loves the warm water and the awesome restaurants, and the Ultimate Frisbee games are just as hard-core as in Malibu! Then we take the narrative back to his childhood in a small fishing village in Maine. A fascinating insight about the genetics and disposition of a born entrepreneur prevails throughout the conversation. From day one, this guy has shown industriousness, vision, and a fearless competitive drive that has led him to pursue ambitious goals, keep going when others might give up, and change direction on a dime when most would stay the course on the comfortable beaten path.

    Ghost Rider - Wikipedia

    Feeling restless midway through high school, Mark took the initiative to apply to the prestigious Philips-Exeter Academy prep school in Exeter, NH. While Mark showed some early promise as a big fish distance runner in the small pond of Maine, he experienced a breakthrough in confidence and performance after an epic Outward Bound summer experience on an island off the coast of Maine.

    He excelled at Philips-Exeter in academics and athletics and was off to Williams College often ranked as the 1 liberal arts school in the nation to pursue his dream of becoming a physician. The alum was so amazed by what he saw inside he challenged Mark on the spot to second-guess med school and pursue other passions. No, it was not a jacuzzi and live band party setup that Rodney Dangerfield created in the movie Back To School…I guess you will have to listen to the show to discover the details. He became such a skilled house painter that he was making what most would consider an excellent annual salary in a few summer months of wielding a mean paintbrush.

    Forget scaffolding, just race up and down a ladder all day like a marathon runner, and paint with the dexterity of a gymnast, to finish houses in a fraction of the time a professional crew could. With med school plans on hold, Mark headed out to Northern California to pursue his dream of qualifying for the US Olympic trials in the marathon. He had some fantastic success as an endurance athlete, running a marathon 5th in the national championships , but overuse injuries ended his career before he could even participate in the Olympic trials. Mark had a fabulous swan song as an elite athlete when he moved over to the sport of triathlon.

    With running injuries managed on account of swimming and cycling sharing the training load, Mark gained competency quickly and placed 4th in the Hawaii Ironman world championships in This entailed immersion into the model slash actor slash personal trainer scene in LA, and Mark soon emerged as a top trainer and health expert. Mark and I first met back in There was a newly-formed team of professional triathletes, and Mark was enlisted to coach us. His methods were revolutionary at the time, when he argued for athletes to avoid the chronic training patterns that led to breakdown, burnout, illness and injury.

    Mark was ahead of his time with these insights, as the prevailing approach to endurance training was to grind out as many miles as possible and hope to avoid injury or breakdown. Mark would prove the value of his approach by occasionally jumping into high profile races or competitive workouts and hanging with professional level athletes, despite training minimally while pursuing a full time career as a personal trainer and nutrition consultant.

    Mark also did consulting work to design nutritional supplements for various companies, and became the central figure in the first anti-doping organizational efforts in triathlon. After a few years of growing the sport wildly, Mark returned to LA to embark upon a lucrative career in the nutritional supplement world. Yes, here as Mark humming along, making a great living and raising two young children with his wife Carrie. The venture became an immediate success, and Mark quickly ascended into the role of vitamin king living at the top of the hill in Malibu.

    Yes, this operation was dialed, with only a handful of employees and millions in revenue, mostly from a single product with a high profit margin. This gave Mark plenty of time to work on his golf game, to no avail. His grain-based diet causing hand arthritis was a worthy excuse. Love it! Alas, the infomercial era ended with a big giant thud. At this point, now , Mark turned his attention to something called blogging. The launch of MarksDailyApple. After a year of devoted effort and a six-figure investment in the team and infrastructure, MarksDailyApple.

    Staying true to his values and vision despite the stress and anxiety of declining sales, Mark and his team stayed the course, cranking out great content without polluting the message with supplement marketing. Over time, Marks Daily Apple readership continued to grow exponentially. The prevailing rejection theme was that Mark was not an MD so he lacked the necessary credibility. True to form, Mark decided to self-publish and sell the book out of the Malibu warehouse—about as far away as you can get from the big time publishers on Madison Avenue! As we reach the final decade up to present day, Mark covers the crazy explosive growth of his enterprise, and the consequent challenges and complexities this brought.

    You will be inspired by his well-placed enthusiasm and resolve to stay true to his vision despite challenges. ListentotheSisson carefully and notice the difference between someone spewing shallow positive affirmations versus someone who faces the day with a healthy but realistic competitive intensity, a willingness to fail and grow stronger accordingly, and an emphasis on leading a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

    You have to keep moving and growing as a person, adjust to uncertainty and setbacks without falling apart, and generally becoming skilled at pivoting to take what life gives you in good spirit. Today Brian and Danny share some hacks to help you on your keto journey. You may find you need to cut out specific types of meat to see what works for you Tracking vs. Tracking can sometimes add stress.

    Getting bloodwork with a purpose You may find that you are deficient or have a metabolic disorder and having specific things to look at from bloodwork will help you learn about your body and things you need to do to improve your overall health The way you feel every way is likely the best indicator of how healthy you are. Bloodwork readings can help you see more clearly what you can do to improve things. Take power naps Benefits recovery and overall stress management If you can take power naps a couple of days a week, you should.

    Reviews Resources and links: Cholestoralcode. Now available in print and digital. Rank 2: Episode 89 — Thomas Delauer talks about getting the most out of life. Today we are joined by the ever so intelligent Thomas Delauer. We barely scratched the surface on everything we wanted to talk about today. We focus largely on the right mindset and how you can lead your body to health through developing a healthy mind. Lots of great stuff so you might end up wanting to listen a couple times over. Episode Timeline: — Intro to todays guest — Fascinating Facts Brian — The NASA Apollo 11 supposedly landed on the moon powered with computers with less processing power than cell phones today.

    Danny — In the land of freedom China , there are two Chinese robots that were destroyed because they bashed the communist party in a messaging app. The robots names were Baby Q and Chow Bing. Thomas — Polar bear liver is taking the world by storm. Ask yourself, what got you out of bed as a 7-year-old kid Biohacking tip, take a really hot shower at night before bed and it will help you produce melatonin and reduce serotonin.

    Where to find Tom online Thomasdelauer. Today we have the pleasure of speaking with non other then Doctor Phill Maffetone. Phil is a respected doctor, coach and author and is all about health. Without true health your performance will suffer. Today we talk about that, his new website and exciting app and also we cover health and performance. You CAN get rid of these! The non thought about biochemical injuries Are you improving or just fooling yourself. We're running a Fat Black Kit competition. Design our limited edition kit to win.

    Or put your name down to own a high quality Fat Black Cycle Kit. Fill in the quick survey so I can cover your greatest challenges. Today we have Heather Wurtele, whom is one half of team Wurtele, on the podcast. Team Wurtele is a husband and wife team who committed, full-time, to the sport of long course triathlon in They sold almost everything they owned and bought a small RV so that they could travel, train, and race around North America.

    They have travelled the globe and Heather is now a 6x Ironman champion and 11 time half iron champ and was 2nd at last years I can tell you, speaking with Heather helped me get out of a little funk after being sick. Waiting for Kona. Heat management for a heavy sweater.

    Dealing with incredibly unlucky problems. Caring about the process. Dealing with negative thoughts. Flipping your mental framework. Choosing the right choice. Steps to getting better sleep. Keeping perspective. Training through the Canadian winter. Going all in. He won the historic Western States Mile Endurance Run in , setting a new course record and running the first sub hour time in Timothy has found true peace and happiness in the mountains. He says the mountains make him feel like a kid in a playground.

    Timothy hopes to instill his connection with the natural world in his young son Tristan, born in August He is a member of The North Face team and looks forward to many amazing journeys all over the world with good friends. Ryan Munsey is a former bodybuilder, fitness model and gym-owner who now works as a writer, podcaster and performance consultant. He is considered a thought leader in the wellness and personal development space and has worked with professional and Olympic athletes, Navy SEALs and entrepreneurs - helping them optimize both their minds and their bodies.

    You can follow Ryan on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Rank 1: Run Injury Free. There are two basic types of runners, those who have been injured and those who will soon be injured. Be prepared, no the warning signs and what to do when a potential injury manifests. Running a marathon? This is the final piece of the puzzle! Join Richard Diaz and Dr. Mark Gorelick as they explain how to assemble the critical ingredients of training to complete a marathon. A sensible way to design your Heart Rate Training Program.

    Learn more or get started here! Patrick spends his days helping individuals within NCAA Div l and ll and college athletes alike with the psychological tools so that they can reach their full potential. Like saving money on your car insurance for being a good driver, Health IQ saves you money on your life insurance for living a health-conscious lifestyle. These savings are exclusive to Health IQ and you must qualify to get the special. They run and host a fitness, wellness and recovery program called XPT where they travel to different locales and spend three days eating, surfing, meditating and working out with other likeminded folks.

    We had a chance to attend one of these experiences last summer—it was an absolutely singular inspiring experience that still informs the choices we make every day. How Laird and Gabby find the balance between establishing a healthy routine while being able to adapt. How life may seem effortless but it takes a lot of effort. How values, priorities, meditation and having a hovering perspective helps Laird and Gabby maintain perspective on life.

    How they incorporate family into XPT. Future plans for XPT to evolve and grow. Their public life and the sometimes negative publicity that comes with that. What is meant by one partner taking the masculine and the other the feminine. Superfoods and products which are based on whole foods. The Peruvian coffee bean that Laird also offers. The importance of not to putting a lot of stress around your diet.

    How some people can be born with drive for life. And much more! One winner will be randomly chosen each week. Rank 2: Unlocking Leaky Gut with Dr. Chad Larson - PMR When we take in food, or the evolutionarily novel food-like substances sold at most restaurants and grocery stores, an entire cascade of reactions, absorptions, and outcomes occur. If we are eating biologically appropriate foods, our body will break then down, separate essential nutrients, feed the microbiome, nourish, rebuild, and repair our body, and eventually eliminate the waste products.

    But, If we go for the food-like substances,we disrupt vital tissues, irritate the immune system, and ultimately create disease. On today's episode of Paleo Magazine Radio, we have an incredible conversation with someone who works on the front lines of this battle between our bodies and the ersatz foodstuffs that make up much of our diet, his name is Dr.

    Chad Larson and he's a trained chiropractor who also works for Cyrex labs, a clinical testing laboratory that provides high quality testing services for clinicians. Cyrex labs assays can help detect leaky gut, gluten and other protein sensitivities, autoimmune and pathogen reactivity, and even blood-brain barrier permeability.

    Chad discuss: Gut biopsies. Non celiac gluten sensitivity. The limits of conventional care.