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In fact, the farewell was originally nothing more than a blessing addressed to the person you were taking leave from. Click To Tweet What can we say about English? Have you ever wondered what goodbye means? Ancient history helps us to understand how deeply rooted the need to say goodbye to others is in us as well as the need to leave a good impression, to express a desire and, in some cases, the hope of seeing each other again. Every country in the world, though, has different customs and greetings.

To increase your repertoire of greetings in English, today we will present some ways to say farewell in English, ranging from the most formal to the most colloquial. This greeting is one of the least widespread and is also among the most formal. It is generally used when one thinks that they will not see the other person again. This is a very formal greeting that has practically fallen into disuse. It is composed of the verb fare to happen and well good. Therefore, it represents a desire for good things to happen.

As in the case of goodbye , it is used only in cases where it is believed that you will not meet again.

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However, it has a more romantic and archaic tone than goodbye. Literally meaning what it says, this a pretty formal farewell and, along with the corresponding expressions have a nice evening , have a good night , have a nice day , it is appropriate to take leave of someone you do not know well. In fact, we can adapt this formula to the situation by wishing someone a good holiday, a good weekend, etc.

This is the most popular and common farewell. It is quite informal but can be addressed to people we know as well as to those we are meeting for the first time or accidentally. Usually, this farewell is used when addressing children.

Goodbyes Quotes ( quotes)

If it is exchanged between adults, it may sound childish or malicious. Meaning what it says, this farewell is suitable for any type of relationship between speakers. Sometimes these conversations are short. Other times, they are long and full of intense feelings.

Goodbyes Quotes

But more often than not, even having these talks gives clients the opportunity to do something new: end our relationship the way that they'd like to. Most often, we don't have the ability to choose how to end relationships. People stop showing up. People fade away. People move. Or a million other things happen that prevent the relationship from ending the way both parties would prefer.

There's no right or wrong way to feel about a relationship ending.

10 Things About The End Of A Relationship That Hurt More Than 'Goodbye'

Each person varies according to their personality, their history, and their preferences. However, there can be better and worse ways to go about ending a relationship. Ghosting leaves people on both sides with unfinished business.

DO NOT SAY 'GOODBYE!' - We DON'T say this anymore! Say instead:

Avoiding these uncomfortable conversations can do the same. And both of those result in people experiencing lingering thoughts and feelings for years to come. These feelings can take the form of anger or frustration at the person for leaving. They can be sadness, regret, or guilt from your inability to share your thoughts and feelings with them.

And they can also involve feeling a sense of relief--being thankful that the relationship is over. That's why termination, or the ending of relationships in whatever form they take, can feel a lot like death.

No matter how different they appear, sometimes the emotional impact is similar. While it may be uncomfortable to think about the loss of relationship as a death, bringing that seriousness and intentionality to such endings can result in greater fulfillment for both people. It gives you a chance to say things you typically wouldn't and opens you to feedback you might not otherwise receive. So instead of pulling away from the emotional discomfort, face it. Move towards these conversations by having them early and often. Accept with open arms all of the feelings that get expressed.

Be Yourself

And say what you need to say. That way you can leave the relationship feeling ready to continue living your rewarding and fulfilling life. While saying goodbye is not the same as someone dying, in some cases they're similar. The opinions expressed here by Inc.