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A dedicated team developed a plan to roll out the values to our people over a period of several months by focusing on one value each month.

This helped everyone develop a deeper understanding of each value so that they were able to incorporate the behaviors of the values into their daily actions. For example, one of our values is Focus and Clarity. The team arranged for all-company webinars that detailed how to set clear goals and focus on goal achievement. Then they held an activity where people could learn archery. Believe me, when you are aiming an arrow at a target, you experience the importance of focus and clarity! Each month, creative activities like these have provided a different way for people to embed the respective value into their own belief system.

I encourage you to consider how your company values are communicated to your people. Are they buried away in a manual—or are they a part of everyday conversations, decision making, problem solving, and planning?

Good Things Happen When You Lead From Your Values

This creates a secure, nurturing work environment where people thrive—and where values rule. Lead with LUV.

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Search for:. Your Emergenetics Profile provides the strong framework in which to communicate what is important to you and to your team. Once you begin sharing what is important to you, you begin to create an environment of engagement, mutual trust and respect.

Need an example?

You do not need to share everything, but by communicating what is significant to you and what you expect of each other, you enable your team to understand your motivation and eliminate mis-interpretations. By identifying your values, you establish a framework by which you make decisions.

Leading by Your Values | Kashbox Coaching

Discovering your values via your Emergenetics Profile provides you with an inner GPS to make decisions and assess situations, enabling you to effectively prioritize and focus on the issues that matter most. No matter what role you play. Self-discovery is an important aspect of effective leadership. A leader without an identified, clear-cut set of values will be directionless and thus, ineffective.

Sort of like a rudder-less ship…just drifting at sea.

Leadership tutorial: How to lead with vision and values -

By defining your values, you allow your team members, your clients—and more importantly, you—to know what you stand for. This enables you to lead from a foundation comprised of integrity, consistency and accountability.

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While we live in a society that makes it tempting to pretend to be someone you are not, this will prevent you from gaining the trust of your team, your organization and your clients. Your values set you apart from other leaders. Your values are what make you unique. Discover them.

Lead with them. Own them. Finding your VOICE as a leader does not mean shouting to make an impact… it means using the Emergenetics Profile to reveal your brilliance as a leader by:. As a senior leadership coach and consultant with over 25 years of experience, Paul has a proven and successful track record in building leadership strength within Fortune , start-up, high-tech, and non-profit environments. Kim Barnes. In addition to a B. Related Posts. Sign Up to Receive Our Blog.

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