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There was always fighting and blood. All I can remember from that time was blood. The situation would black out and people would be getting hurt.

Rival gangs

I believe there are guys who want to be gangsters, guys who are gangsters, and others that are made to be gangsters. They don't want it, but there's things that happened that caused them to be that way.

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I was the last one. I didn't want to be involved, but there was always something that kept dragging me back. Of course, after all of this I ended up in prison. I became institutionalised. My mental health deteriorated even more. I was even more violent. I didn't think there was ever going to be a way out.

I wanted to hurt everyone: I was just walking, functioning with one need, to hurt people. At first I didn't want to listen when people were telling me about faith. But then one day I realised I need help - I had searched everywhere and felt there was nothing on earth that could help me. I think we can change things with gangs and knife crime, but everyone who's doing stuff now is doing it wrong. If you look at who's doing interventions in knife crime, it's the wrong people. There's not enough young people, it's older people who are trying to do interventions for young people.

How Was Your Day … Blood Gang Member? | True Story | OZY

We need to give more control to people on the ground, people at youth centres who really know what's going on, people like me who have been through that life. Right now, people are being told what to do from above. They're speaking to gang members but not listening. We need to empower the people who know about it to really do the job.

Watch Live. In the video from the pool renaming ceremony, Biden also explains that the straight razors wielded by Corn Pop and his fellow gang members were rusty, since that was apparently a common method of street fighting at the time. Biden says he apologized to Corn Pop for calling him Esther Williams but insisted that he couldn't mess around on the diving board.

And that, apparently, made Corn Pop close his razor and decide to be friends with Biden.

How a drug gang devastated our helpless family

The story has apparently become a treasured local legend among Wilmington residents who still call the former vice president "Joe. Absent of that was an analysis or a willingness to understand the impact of structural and systemic racism," Samuels wrote on Twitter.

Samuels also pointed out a few inaccuracies, including that Biden wasn't actually the only white lifeguard at the pool, and the pool itself wasn't segregated by law.


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How Biden explains his run-in with Corn Pop, a gang leader in Wilmington, Delaware in 1962

It symobilizes a website link url. Email icon An envelope. It indicates the ability to send an email. Then there are the survivors who seem much closer to the edge, like Mark Olvera, who was barely a teenager in When I met Mr. Hailing from a family that had lived in Evergreen for three generations, he took pride in his life with Veronica, his five children, and his steady work as a union painter.

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  8. I speak as a father from the lifestyle. Most of the talk about and in Boyle Heights these days has nothing to do with gang members, gang victims or survivors. For several years the galvanizing issue has been gentrification.

    After the opening of Metro train stops in , wine bars and art galleries predictably began to appear, and the booming Arts District downtown seemed poised to hop eastward over the Los Angeles River. Some of the new businesses were owned by Mexican-Americans; many were not.

    I was an MS-13 gang member. Here's how I got out. - Gerardo Lopez - TEDxMileHigh

    At the same time, Boyle Heights in experienced a significant spike in gang-related violence — as well as officer-involved shootings — after years of historic lows. Demonstrations and community meetings about gentrification are a neighborhood fixture these days.

    Gang Violence

    The topic of gang-related violence rarely surfaces. This collection of photographs reveals what has been erased, placing the men back in the landscape of a neighborhood undergoing tumultuous change — and one where their memories run deep. A long-term project documenting individuals living in sanctuary across the US——the last alternative for keeping families together while they fight for a suspension of deportation. Interested in the intersection of race, class, and food, Underground Chefs of South Central is an exploration of black culinary creativity and ingenuity.