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Our goal is to ensure optimal outcomes for cataract patients looking to correct their vision at all distances, with the vast majority of them never needing to wear glasses post-surgery. With this single trifocal lens design, PanOptix patients demonstrated exceptional, uninterrupted vision. The results also showed high patient satisfaction with more than ninety-nine percent of PanOptix patients saying they would choose the same lens again.

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More than 4 million cataract surgeries are performed each year in the U. PanOptix is an excellent lens option to address these needs and is clinically proven to deliver an outstanding range of vision. Alcon plans to begin training U. As part of its patient education efforts, the company will soon launch a dedicated PanOptix website and multimedia awareness campaign. A similar effort is planned for eye care professionals with special launch activities slated for the annual meeting of the American Academy of Ophthalmology in October.

A cataract is a cloudy area in the natural lens of the eye that affects vision. The vast majority of cataracts result from normal aging, but radiation exposure, taking steroids, diabetes and eye trauma can accelerate their development. More than 98 percent of cataract surgeries are considered successful, and patients typically can return to their normal routines within 24 hours.

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Presbyopia is a common, age-related vision condition in which people have difficulty focusing on things up close. These may be worse than with a monofocal IOL, including visual disturbances such as glare, rings around lights, starbursts rays around light sources , and reduced contrast sensitivity decrease in ability to distinguish objects from their background, especially in dim lighting. These side effects may make it more difficult to see while driving at night or completing tasks in low lighting conditions such as at night or in fog, or in a dimly lit room after surgery as compared to before surgery.

Further, a toric IOL corrects astigmatism only when it is placed in the correct position in the eye. There is a possibility that the toric IOL could be placed incorrectly or could move within the eye. If the toric lens is not positioned correctly following surgery, the change in your astigmatism correction by the IOL, along with any necessary correction with glasses, may cause visual distortions. If the lens rotates in your eye, you may need additional surgery to reposition or replace the IOL.

Forward-looking statements are neither historical facts nor assurances of future performance. Instead, they are based only on our current beliefs, expectations and assumptions regarding the future of our business, future plans and strategies, and other future conditions. Because forward-looking statements relate to the future, they are subject to inherent uncertainties and risks that are difficult to predict.

The second is that because of their exceptional stealth and scouting skills, they are ghost-like on the battlefield.


The Tanith First excels at reconnaissance work as the Tanith never get lost, and using camo-cloaks they can move quickly and stealthily through most types of terrain. The Ghosts eventually garnered a strong reputation after a number of actions during the Sabbat Worlds Crusade, in particular the defences of Vervunhive, the Beati's Shrine on Hagia and her apparent person on Herodor. Unfortunately, this success did not come without its drawbacks and the Ghosts suffered heavy casualties on a number of occasions.

However, two large personnel intakes during the regiment's history one from the citizenry of Vervunhive, the other from combination with the 81 st Belladon Recon Regiment managed to offset these losses. During the Crusade, the Ghosts' expertise in covert operations was instrumental in the liberation of a number of worlds. However, rivalries with other, more illustrious regiments in particular, the Jantine Patricians and the Volpone Bluebloods often put the Ghosts at risk. The regiment took heavy losses in its early actions, including the loss of three hundred Guardsmen during a friendly fire "incident" at Voltis Watergate.

Heavy casualties were also incurred during the effort to recapture the Mechanicum's Forge World of Fortis Binary , so much so that by the time of the Ghosts' deployment on Monthax, they numbered only 1, Guardsmen. The casualties taken at Monthax and later the hive world of Verghast were replaced by recruits taken from the destroyed Vervunhive, at which time female soldiers first joined the Tanith.

After Tanith was destroyed by the attack of the Chaos warfleet, the Tanith First-and-Only had no homeworld from which to draw new recruits to replace losses. Instead, new Ghosts were adopted into the regiment as the Crusade progressed. At the end of the siege of Vervunhive, the megacity was left in ruins and the disillusioned citizens of Verghast were given the opportunity to join the Imperial Guard under the Act of Consolation.

This resulted in an influx of Verghastite soldiers into the Tanith First, which brought the first females into the regiment. Several of these women became some of the regiment's best snipers. Following Colonel Wilder's death and Gaunt's return to command, the regiment resumed the name of the Tanith First-and-Only. It is worth noting that following the merger with the 81 st Belladon, the Tanith First's organisational structure changed; companies using alphabetical call-signs replace the previous numerical platoons.

There eventually were three cultural divisions within the regiment: Tanith, Verghastite and Belladon; led by Majors Rawne, Kolea and Baskevyl, respectively each was native to the world of the part of the regiment he commanded. Ten Terran years after the founding of the regiment, the Tanith 1 st had been involved in numerous campaigns during the Sabbat Worlds Crusade.

Gaunt and a small team of Tanith soldiers had previously been sent on a high-risk covert mission, and upon their unexpected return found the regiment as they knew it gone. Most notably, it was now commanded by Colonel Lucian Wilder. Gaunt managed to keep his command, and renamed the unit the Tanith First-and-Only. He then led the newly reformed unit to help liberate the Chaos-held world of Gereon.

The tenth year of the Sabbat Worlds Crusade was the first time the Tanith had been called upon by the Imperium to levy Imperial Guard regiments to support the Crusade. The majority of the men who joined the Imperial Guard were militia-men, although some former criminals were present, and it can be assumed that other non-military members of the population were included.

The soldiers were organised into three two-thousand man regiments; the 1 st , 2 nd , and 3 rd of Tanith. A small number of artillery and armour units were also created, although they were intended for supporting roles.

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Following the reformation of the Hyrkan 8 th , Colonel-Commissar Ibram Gaunt was assigned to lead the three regiments. During the Founding of the three regiments, a Chaos warfleet scattered from the recent Imperial victory at Balhaut managed to evade the Imperial Navy picket and head towards Tanith. Gaunt decided to abandon the world, trying to salvage as many fighting troops in the process instead of wasting them all in an effort to hold Tanith.

The regiments are hastily loaded onto troop transports and shuttled to carrier-ships in orbit, but the Chaos attack occurs earlier than predicted. Of the six thousand men, less than four thousand are saved. The vast majority of the heavy equipment, along with the entire officer corps, is lost when Chaos makes planetfall. Gaunt survived, being one of the last members of the regiment to make it off-planet, and he reorganised the survivors into a single infantry regiment, the Tanith 1 st , also known as the First-and-Only and more colloquially known as Gaunt's Ghosts.

It is known that "Mad" Hlaine Larkin was the first to coin the term. The troops of the Tanith 1 st are unparalleled scouts, marksmen, masters of stealth tactics, and excellent light infantry, and are said to possess an unerring sense of direction, traits developed for survival on a planet where the forests actually move to conceal the path taken.

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The regiment took heavy losses in its early actions, including the loss of three hundred during a friendly fire incident on Voltemand. Heavy casualties were also incurred during the effort to recapture the Forge World of Fortis Binary , so much so that by the time of the Ghosts' deployment on Monthax, they numbered less than 2, Guardsmen.

The casualties taken at Monthax and later Verghast were replaced by recruits taken from the destroyed Vervunhive , at which time female soldiers first joined the Tanith. The soldiers from Vervunhive use a different pin, adorned with the axe rake that Vervunhivers used in mining before their hive city was destroyed. Ten years later, the Tanith had been involved in numerous campaigns for the Sabbat Worlds Crusade. Eighteen months after making planetfall on Gereon, Gaunt's mission team was retrieved by Crusade forces.

Shortly after taking his position with the Binars, Gaunt began to suspect that the potentially sacred sites that the Imperial Guard was fighting over might actually be Chaos artefacts. With evidence mounting, he contacted his Gereon team and determined that the artefacts were, in fact, enormous Chaos traps. Gaunt was eventually reunited with his Ghosts, and his evidence prompts the withdrawal of the Imperial forces from the Mons. Caught in a desperate rearguard action, and with time counting down to an orbital bombardment by the Imperial Navy, Gaunt's Ghosts were hard-pressed to escape utter destruction.

Following his actions, Gaunt was again granted command of the Tanith, along with their Verghastite and Belladon compatriots. The regiment was reorganised so that the Tanith, Verghastites and Belladons were fully integrated with each other within the regiment.

The Tanith First-and-Only joined the Crusade which began in M41 shortly after their escape from their doomed homeworld. Since its Founding, the Tanith First-and-Only has served in the following campaigns and warzones, in approximate chronological order:. The troopers of the Tanith First are unparalleled scouts, marksmen, masters of stealth tactics, and excellent light infantry.

They are said to possess an unerring sense of direction, traits developed for survival on a planet where the forests actually move to conceal the path taken. The Verghastite and Belladon members of the regiment claim no such uncanny abilities, but are also proven light infantry specialists, with Verghastite hive city backgrounds in particular complementing the talents of the Tanith woodsmen.

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  5. The First and Only excels in stealth infiltration missions, but has proven particularly tenacious in defensive operations in urban terrain. Even amongst such light infiltration infantry as the Tanith, there is always room for the truly elite. In the Ghosts these take on two forms: The aptly named Scouts, lead by Mkoll, who specialise in reconnaissance and covert operations, and the Sniper division.

    There tends to be an over-representation of Verghastites excelling as snipers while the Tanith natives dominate in the scouts. The overall organisation of the Tanith First-and-Only is flexible, as its numbers have shifted drastically over its history. However, the regiment is typically divided into several companies and further subdivided into individual squads.

    Unlike some other regiments, much of the responsibility for battlefield decisions falls onto the Sergeant of a given squad, and his or her second-in-command who holds the rank of Corporal. The exact make-up of the squad can vary given the mission, but Tanith squads often feature troopers with roles and titles such as Scout, dedicated Marksman, Heavy Weapons Team such as Missile Launcher or Heavy Stubber , Corpsman, Flamer, and Voxsman.

    As squads reconsolidate after losses, this makeup alters depending on availability. In general, however, the Tanith attempt to maintain balanced squads that can handle the diverse threats the galaxy has to offer. In contrast to some other, more rigidly structured Imperial Guard regiments, the Tanith give an extraordinary amount of freedom to individual squads. While the Colonel and company commanders still issue orders, squad leaders receive considerable leeway on how to accomplish objectives.

    The Tanith First-and-Only frequently leverages its combination of small-unit tactics, independent squads, and tight communication network to outmanoeuvre the opponent. This allows them to be extremely fluid on the battlefield, reacting to the enemy much faster than they could otherwise. It is said that on several occasions, he even broke mission protocol to give other officers information and maps that the Sabbat Crusade's High Command had deemed too sensitive for the lower ranks to access. And as a last resort, the Tanith are trained to use their signature silver warknives to deadly effect in close quarters.

    Some of their most skilled melee combatants are even whispered to have faced down Chaos Space Marines in personal combat and survived to tell the tale of crossing blades with those terrifying foes. The Tanith uniform is black, with optional helmets for standard troopers and forage caps for the regiment's elite scout platoon. Camouflage Cloaks made of the special synthetic material called cameleoline are standard issue.

    Tanith First and Only, Gaunts Ghosts

    The cloaks change their colour depending on the location of the wearer. Their favoured special weapons include long-las sniper rifles, flame throwers, and portable Missile Launchers the Tanith nickname "tread fethers".