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The idea came from director Marcos Siega when searching for inspiration for the video. He performed an internet search of the word "secrets" and came across the PostSecret website. The All-American Rejects agreed with Siega's idea and paid the website to use some of their postcards for the video, with the money going towards The Kristin Brooks Hope Center , a non-profit organization which funds a suicide hotline.

After the release of the music video, the band sold the postcards featured on eBay with the proceeds also going towards the Hope Center. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the song by The All-American Rejects. CD maxi vinyl 7" digital download. Doghouse Interscope. Nick Wheeler Tyson Ritter. CD single No.

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Select Silver in the Certification field. Yahoo Music. Today, Quintero is again considered a fugitive by the US after walking out of prison in on a technicality. Caro Quintero!

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It represents just over a third of all the data we have access to through the leak. What does that say? It tells us that the people who create shell companies through Mossack Fonseca move in similar circles. Through the documents we have connected her with at least 10, companies as a stand-in director or shareholder. The U.

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In addition to enabling money laundering, secrecy abets public corruption and insider trading — all sorts of financial crimes, really. More than 60 percent of Fortune companies call Delaware their corporate home on paper, at least. Last year, the state incorporated some , companies. Attorneys in Uruguay for the OpenWorld investors say they discovered a Swiss Group shell company registered in Delaware. Before we arrived, Nancy was very clear: we would need no photo ID in order to form the company. I still have the Absolut bottle I bought off a classmate, no ID required. Only this transaction was, you know, perfectly legal.

On a very cold, but sunny winter day, my Fusion colleagues and I arrived at Advantage Delaware, set in an office park where all the businesses occupy what look to be little houses with pitched roofs and manicured shrubbery.

Medicine’s dirty little secret

A pond out front was frozen over. Stephen studied design in college, and Nancy is an accountant by training. During their first decade in business, they rarely got requests to do Delaware company formations for individuals, but then demand picked up. A top selling point is the privacy the state affords, Stephen said. In the middle of our appointment, as if on cue, came a loud knock at the door. Without waiting for an answer, in walked a woman in blue jeans and boots, carrying a clipboard.

She was a process server. A company for whom Advantage Delaware served as the registered agent was being sued. She looked at the name of the entity. She signed the papers and the process server left. They might be the owners. When we asked Nancy and Stephen about whether they are responsible for monitoring shady clients, they told us they wouldn't necessarily know if their clients were acting outside the law. We just serve as the registered agent," said Stephen. Stephen did say, however, that if for some reason their client was acting suspiciously, he would cut ties immediately.

For a decade, a fight has dragged on over whether states should have to scale back their secrecy provisions and collect the name of the true owner at the moment a company is formed. In , a Department of Justice official testified to Congress that, some years, billions of dollars in suspect funds move through US shell companies on annual basis, frustrating investigations. Carl Levin, who championed pro-transparency reforms for years.

Yet such proposals have met fierce opposition from lobbying groups, particularly the National Association of Secretaries of State. They have consistently argued that such a requirement would place too heavy a burden on the state offices that are responsible for registering companies. She also argues that an ID requirement at a state level is so basic, that many people already have to provide it when they apply for a library card.

At one of end of the hall, overlooking the lobby, floor to ceiling windows showed the bay in panorama: the thinnest of waves rippling toward land and tiny ships stationary in the distance. At the opposite end of the corridor, past meeting rooms named for Vegas landmarks, the set-up for the conference was discreet: one table lined with brochures for a company called Trust Services S.

A woman with blondish hair and a British accent presided over the table with the nametags. When del Toro picked up a conference program, and identified herself as a journalist, the woman snatched the program out of her hands, telling her reporters could not attend the event. Fortunately, the program was freely available online; it indicated that Ramses Owens, a former Mossack Fonseca attorney who now heads his own firm, was scheduled to speak that morning. A few minutes later, as del Toro narrated the program-snatching incident for the camera, a man with a British accent came bellowing and told her to leave.

Ever heard of the Island of Niue? In , the island decided to shut down the industry after allegations of rampant money laundering. Indeed, a crackdown within, or against, one secrecy jurisdiction can open new frontiers in another. In , the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development and the Financial Action Task Force intensified efforts to identify tax havens and countries that fail to combat money laundering, leading to blacklisting of certain jurisdictions, including several countries where Mossack Fonseca offered products.

The firm sought fresh opportunity in — where else?

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When those shell companies became the subject of a federal court battle in Nevada, the leaked files show , Mossack Fonseca employees took steps to remove paper records and to wipe computer files and phone logs at its Las Vegas office. One employee even traveled from Central America to Nevada to bring back files. Brazil authorities have said they gathered preliminary evidence that several Mossack Fonseca employees helped people to hide ill-gotten assets through offshore entities, in connection with the money laundering scandal.

The firm has denied any wrongdoing there.

A trove of insider documents bigger than Wikileaks reveals the shady dealings of 12 world leaders On a Thursday afternoon last month, seven television crews from six different countries gathered in a Panama City cafe that sells trucker hats alongside its coffee display. Their cameras rolling, they deployed into the parking lot, and then up a side street of low buildings and lush trees, passing a bridal boutique, a youth hostel, a restaurant, another bridal boutique, and an awning that advertised a crafts business.

Then they arrived at a building of dark mirrored glass, where a sign in the front yard displayed the name of a dental clinic occupying the ground floor and, taking up the three floors above it, the offices of Mossack Fonseca. I hung back from the crews and watched Reyes in discussion with the guard. In the week leading up to this, ICIJ had sent Mossack Fonseca a series of questions, and the crews had also requested interviews that morning. Then we waited.

Motorcycles and cars streamed by on the narrow two-lane road. A security guard dressed in blue fatigues, standing in the parking lot, spoke into his radio.